Ancient Lore: FF2/4 Game Genie Codes

Behold, the ancient lore, saved from either Compuserve or America Online, many, many moons ago. To use this magick you must have the tome of Game Genie or something that emulates said tome. BEHOLD!

“Gunslinger” Switch Code: 00CE-6D69
Put any item in the first place in the top left hand corner of the item list. Use any type of item (cure, heal or life) on the character in the middle of the party. Each time you do the item in the first place will change, cycling through a list of in-game items, including some that were removed! Go through the loop and take whatever you need! You have as many of the selected item as you put in that item spot. Example: Put 99 Cure1 in the first spot, use another Cure1 on the person in the middle of the part and get 99 of whatever item you select (99 Spoon daggers, 99 Shuriken, etc.)
Find a list of the item cycle and the end of this post.

Random Item and Experience: 1B39-070E, 3C39-07AE, DF30-076E
Turn the GG on during combat and wait until the fight is over. There will be no experience or money at first, but wait a while and turn the GG off. You will get a ton of experience, money and items!

Mega Damage Challenge: 88A9-6763
Your party will always do 9999 damage regardless of what weapon they are holding, even unarmed. The challenge? All enemies also do 9999 damage every hit!

HP Level Up: 8AA3-6463
Raises party max HP up past the 9999 limit!

Unlimited Items: 0CCE-6D69
All items acquired have unlimited use.

Mega Damage Destruction!: DEAD-6F63
Your party will always do 9999 damage, regardless of what weapon they are holding, enemy attacks, however, do not!

Wall Walking: 0CCA-AF6F
You can walk through walls, but beware, doing so may cause problems!

“Dummy” Code: EDC2-AF6F
This is STRANGE lore indeed! Turn the GG on and go anywhere that you can talk to NPC’s like a town. Get ready for a surprise!

Standard Random Item: 3C39-07AE
This will get you all the random items after battle but none of the experience points.

Mutated Drain spell: 01E9-6D69 or B9E0-6D69
Something just for fun, makes your Drain spell look weird and cool.

Instant Death: 01A5-6F63
The party member at the top of the roster dies when you win a battle. Must be seen to be understood.

Enemy Magick: ??6D-6F63
(OF = ARMOR, AL=BIG WAVE, ??=????)

Gunslinger Item Cycle
Items marked ‘Dummy.’ say ‘dummy’ on the list, but using them will produce the effect listed.

  • Item.Cure 1
  • Item.Super Heal
  • Item.Super Heal
  • Dummy.Microscope (Peep magick)
  • Dummy.Random Caller
  • Dummy.Fatal Spell
  • Item.Crystal
  • Dummy.Quake
  • Dummy.Mute
  • Dummy.Magick Wall
  • Dummy.Suicide Bomb
  • Dummy.Lit-Bolt
  • Dummy.Ice Blast
  • Dummy.Fire Bomb
  • Dummy.Blink Spell
  • Dummy.Slow Spell
  • Dummy.Stop Spell
  • Dummy.Stop Spell
  • Dummy.Stop Spell
  • Dummy.Fast Spell
  • Dummy.Berserk Spell
  • Dummy.Drain Spell
  • Dummy.Psych Spell
  • Dummy.Comet Spell
  • Dummy.Lit-2 Spell
  • Dummy.Lit-1 Spell
  • Dummy.Ice-2 Spell
  • Dummy.Ice-1 Spell
  • Dummy.Fire-2 Spell
  • Dummy.Fire-1 Spell
  • Cursed Ring
  • Protection Ring
  • Diamond Ring
  • Crystal Ring
  • Rune Ring
  • Strength Ring
  • Ruby Ring
  • Iron Ring
  • Crystal Gauntlet
  • Dragoon Gauntlet
  • Samurai Gauntlet
  • Zeus Gauntlet
  • Diamond Gauntlet
  • Silver Gauntlet
  • Paladin Gauntlet
  • Black Gauntlet
  • Shadow Gauntlet
  • Iron Gauntlet
  • Ninja Shirt
  • Adamant Armor
  • Black Belt Shirt
  • Karate Shirt
  • Bard Shirt
  • Prison Shirt
  • Heroine Shirt
  • Power Shirt
  • White Shirt
  • Sorcerer Shirt
  • Black Shirt
  • Wizard Shirt
  • Gaia Shirt
  • Leather Shirt
  • Cloth Shirt
  • Crystal Armor
  • Dragoon Armor
  • Samurai Armor
  • Diamond Armor
  • Ice Armor
  • Fire Armor
  • Silver Armor
  • Paladin Armor
  • Black Armor
  • Darkness Armor
  • Shadow Armor
  • Iron Armor
  • Glass Helm
  • Ninja Helm
  • Bandanna
  • Headband
  • Ribbon
  • Tiara
  • Wizard Helm
  • Gaia Helm
  • Leather Helm
  • Cap
  • Crystal Helm
  • Dragoon Helm
  • Diamond Helm
  • Silver Helm
  • Paladin Helm
  • Black Helm
  • Darkness Helm
  • Shadow Helm
  • Iron Helm
  • Crystal Shield
  • Dragoon Shield
  • Samurai Shield
  • Aegis Shield
  • Diamond Shield
  • Ice Shield
  • Fire Shield
  • Silver Shield
  • Paladin Shield
  • Black Shield
  • Shadow Shield
  • Iron Shield
  • <null>
  • Artemis Arrow
  • Medusa Arrow
  • Samurai Arrow
  • Charm Arrow
  • Mute Arrow
  • Poison Arrow
  • Darkness Arrow
  • Lightning Arrow
  • Ice Arrow
  • Fire Arrow
  • White Arrow
  • Iron Arrow
  • Artemis Bow
  • Samurai Bow
  • Elven Bow
  • Archers Bow
  • Great Bow
  • Crossbow
  • Short Bow
  • Avenger Sword
  • Wooden Hammer
  • Earth Hammer
  • Silver Hammer
  • Rune Axe
  • Poison Axe
  • ????
  • Charm Harp
  • Dreamer Harp
  • Full Moon (thrown)
  • Boomerang (thrown)
  • Ninja Star (thrown)
  • Shuriken (thrown)
  • Crystal Sword
  • Spoon Knife
  • Silver Knife
  • Dancing Knife
  • Silver Knife
  • Ogre Axe
  • Dwarf Axe
  • Hand Axe
  • Dragon Whip
  • Flame Whip
  • Blitz Whip
  • Chain Whip
  • Whip
  • Mute Knife
  • Assassins Knife
  • Masamune Katana
  • Murasame Katana
  • Ninja Katana
  • Long Katana
  • Middle Katana
  • Short Katana
  • Gungnir Spear
  • Drain Spear
  • White Spear
  • Dragoon Spear
  • Blizzard Spear
  • Flame Spear
  • Wind Spear
  • Iron Spear
  • Medusa Blade
  • Slumber Blade
  • Ancient Blade
  • Drain Blade
  • Defence Blade
  • Icebrand
  • Fire Blade
  • Excalibur
  • Light Sword
  • Legend Sword
  • Silence Staff
  • Life Staff
  • Lunar Staff
  • Power Staff
  • Silver Staff
  • Cure Staff
  • Staff
  • Lilith Rod
  • Stardust Rod
  • Charm Rod
  • Change Rod
  • Thunder Rod
  • Flame Rod
  • Ice Rod
  • Rod
  • Cat Claws
  • Poison Claws
  • Charm Claws
  • Thunder Claws
  • Ice Claws
  • Fire Claws
  • <null>
  • Trash Can
  • Sort Option
  • Dummy.Exit Spell
  • Dummy.Organ
  • Dummy.Telescope
  • Tower Key
  • Pink Tail
  • Pan
  • Adamant
  • Rat Tail
  • Dark Crystal
  • Twin Harp
  • Luca Key
  • Magma Key
  • Earth Crystal
  • Sand Ruby
  • Baron Key
  • Pakcage
  • Whistle
  • Pass
  • Carrot
  • Mage Summon
  • Dummy.Cockatrice Summon
  • Bomb Summon
  • Imp Summon
  • ??
  • Exit
  • Organ
  • Cabin
  • Tent
  • Dummy.MP Raise
  • Dummy.HP Raise
  • ??
  • Dummy.Alarm
  • Heal
  • ??
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • Dummy.Heal
  • <cycle back to beginning of list>

Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium

A number of other bloggers, along with myself, are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Final Fantasy franchise by releasing a large collection of memories and reviews of its numerous games in a megapost titled:

Final Fantasy: A Crystal Compendium

You can visit my own contributions to the celebration by scrolling down to my Final Fantasy Dissidia posts!

Whether your a long time fan, a fanatic like myself or someone who isn’t even into gaming but wants to find out what all the fuss is about, check it out! Enjoy!

Great Games: Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy

After your done reading this read my follow up post: 10 Reasons Dissidia 012 is the Greatest Fighting Game Ever (That You Have Probably Never Played)!

Anyone who has been on my blog for more than ten minutes knows that I love, Love, LOVE Final Fantasy. There’s just something about the series as a whole that I can’t get enough of. With fantastic story lines, great characters and innovative systems of gameplay, it has been my favorite series of games since the first time I played it, all the way back in 1987.

Over the years Final Fantasy has taken on a number of different forms besides the typical RPG format. Chocobo Racing injected FF series characters into the Mario Kart format. Dirge of Cerebus fused FF7 with the first person shooter genre. Theaterhythm even took the series into the rhythm game genre! Dissidia, however, placed the game firmly in the fighting game genre and what a place to be! Though it was released AFTER Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy (what a name!) is actually the prequel to Dissidia, and will be the subject of this post.

Warriors of Chaos

To me Dissidia is one of the more important games in the Final Fantasy series, despite it not being a ‘big budget’, main line title from Square Enix. See, since the beginning every FF game has had shared similarities without really tying into one another. However you would note (with pleasure) that the games shared many commonalties in elements like monsters, summons, magic and weapons. What FF game would be complete without a chocobo somewhere in the game, if even just in the background somewhere? Or how would we feel if we went though an entire game without seeing a single summon (well, those weren’t around the first couple of games, but now they are a big part of the FF mythos)? Each FF game has had their own version of these similar elements, yet still it is never really explained as to why such similarities exist. Dissidia is the linchpin that ties every game in the Final Fantasy series into one big FF multiverse! This means that, though they are each separate stories, each Final Fantasy game is tied into one another by one grand struggle between the gods Cosmos and Chaos.

Supposedly ‘duodecim’ translates as: Twelfth Conflict. Makes sense, as this game refers to the 12th cycle of an endless battle. Even so, it makes for a really long name for a game. Especially when ‘012’ is already in the name.

Warriors of Cosmos

Developer: SquareEnix; Release date: 2011; System: PlayStation Portable (PSP)

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10 Reasons Dissidia 012 is the Greatest Fighting Game Ever (That You Have Probably Never Played)!

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to check out the first post in this series: Great Games: Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy!

No doubt you have seen, on this very blog, several posts espousing the glory that is Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy. What I perhaps have not conveyed properly is the true scope of awesomeness that is this game, and why, in my mind, it is the greatest fighting game ever made. “Wait a minute, SnapperTrx, how in the world can you say that? You sound like a loon!” you may say, but allow me to elaborate!

First of all understand that I lived through, and played through, the golden age of arcade fighters. I remember playing the original Street Fighter, the one with only two massive buttons. I remember the rise of Street Fighter II, the SNK clone King of Fighters, the incredible Samurai Shodown and the vastly superior Samurai Shodown 2. I remember the clunkers who’s horrible gameplay and graphics are stuck in my mind as nightmares, yet they were so awful I cannot remember their names (“Fighters History”, “Time Killers”, I think…). I recall the rise of one Mortal Kombat and the much touted Killer Instinct. I paid my dues at the Marvel vs. Capcom machine, and paid even more at the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 machine! I have owned many console fighters and for many, many years, would NEVER touch a fighting game on a console that did not have a fighter stick attached to it. My credentials are good.

See here for previous post on Dissidia 012.

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